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Patient Testimonial

Before Adam, all I knew about acupuncture was hearsay and what I know from TV. I discovered his service by chance, and he was very welcoming of answering any questions I had in thoughtful and detailed ways. He explained the myriad ways acupuncture could heal a person for, so I decided to explore it with him.
I’ve been attending his treatments for about half a year, and we covered various atypical ailments: addressing low energy levels, digestion and bloating, and even trauma/anxiety. I was really impressed how immediate beneficial effects were. I feel more integrated and comfortable both with my body and myself since attending to his services, for which I’m very glad and happy about.
Adam is very thorough with his treatments and he goes out of his way to explain everything in the process, what to expect, and insists on making acupuncture a collaborative experience. Throughout my time with Adam, I felt deep trust that he always put my best interest and health as a top priority, and I felt very well taken care of.
I found Adam to be passionate, enthusiastic, and communicative of his approach to acupuncture — all things I appreciate with anyone I work with. I would recommend highly to anyone to explore his treatments, especially those who are completely ignorant to acupuncture like I was.
– J (Name removed due to privacy)