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Acupuncture and TCM theory is all about creating balance in the body and by using the body as a microsystem of the world you create balance in the universe. 

Adam Slamang

Hello, my name is Adam Slamang and I am an acupuncturist practicing in the Charlottetown area. It was back in 2012 when I was first introduced to acupuncture when a family friend pulled out a pack of needles and started treating everyone while sitting around having coffee. After that moment it had struck me that this is something  I would like to do with my life.  The idea was pushed on the back burner while I pursued a career in acting as well as a lifeguard.

Our Services


Tap into the energetic flow of the body to send healing responses to areas of disharmony.


Traditional use of suction to increase blood flow and release toxins to relax sore muscles.


Let’s discuss your issue and get all your questions answered before committing to a treatment plan.

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